Boy Bullies Girl – Finds Out She Has 5 Years Of MMA Under Her Belt

A lot of people would agree that training mixed martial arts might be the perfect choice for street fighting. It’s true a lot of things can happen in street fights, such as eye-gouging and biting. But it is still by far the most useful amalgamation of combat sports.

One case in particular drove this point home. A high school girl who trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 6 years in addition to MMA was a victim of bullying. Her bully was an older boy. But once she started utilizing her skill and training he was utterly humiliated.

A freshman high schooler from California’s Sonoma Valley High School got dominated in a fight with a girl who he bullied online. The boy was bullying her online on Facebook and posted some derogatory things about her repeatedly.

The girl is was attending Creekside High School which is next to the boy’s school. The two schools also share the same campus. She then decided to pay him a visit and to confront him.

While confronting him, the boy tried to push her away and things started getting serious from there. The two got physical when the boy started to grab her hair and she tried to knock him down. Seeing the guy still trying to resist her, she then proceeded to deliver two knees right into his face, knocking him out of the cold.

Here’s the sad part. After that knockout, a teacher from that school saw her at that exact moment. The girl decided to run away and some teachers chased her. She got caught eventually and has been suspended and faces a possible battery charge.