Boxing fans rabid after referee’s ridiculous stoppage

Rolando Romero has won the WBA super lightweight championship, but it came in a controversial manner that left fans fuming. Romero took on Ismael Barroso for the vacant title in Nevada on May 13th. The 12-round bout saw both boxers exchange blows, but it was Romero who ultimately came out on top.


Romero’s victory came in the 9th round when he managed to score a knockdown against Barroso. However, the knockdown was not without controversy. Barroso managed to stand back up before the referee’s 10 count, but Romero still found himself in an advantageous position.

The final moments of the bout were tense as both boxers traded blows. Barroso landed two big right hands on Romero’s head, while Romero delivered a combination of punches that lacked force. Barroso then visibly went down, but after a closer look, it was clear that he had only ducked due to Romero slinging him.


Despite this, referee Tony Weeks intervened and halted the bout. He then waved his hands and awarded the win to Romero via technical knockout, a decision that left everyone surprised. Even the commentators were left baffled, and fans regarded it as one of the worst stoppages in boxing history.

Romero’s victory has put him back in the win column after previously being knocked out by Gervonta Davis in 2022. Meanwhile, Ismael Barroso had to snap his 4-win streak due to the controversial decision made by the referee.

The aftermath of the action has seen fans call for an investigation into the decision made by Tony Weeks. Many have suggested that the bout was rigged and that Weeks had an offshore account. Others have criticized the state of boxing, with some claiming that the sport is going downhill with rigged scorecards and stoppages.