Boxing cult hero Butterbean calls out Jake Paul as he targets a surprising comeback next year

Since hinting at a return to the boxing ring in August, Jake Paul has received numerous challenges. But this time, it comes from a boxing legend.

Eric Esch was a heavyweight boxing legend from 1994 to 2013.

Throughout his long boxing career, he fought 91 times, winning 77 bouts with 58 by knockout. While still active, he fought names like Peter McNeeley and legendary boxer Larry Holmes.

In addition to his boxing career, he also holds a 7-4 record in kickboxing and 17-10 in MMA.

Now nine years after his last boxing bout, ‘Butterbean’ has issued a challenge to YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul.

‘The King of Four-Rounders’ revealed that he is set for a comeback next year after shedding a few pounds with the help of WWE star Diamond Dallas Page.

Page is also known for helping retired athletes to get back into shape.

“I bet it would be an awesome fight. After you said what you said about me in the magazine, I’m ready to fight you. Are you ready? I don’t think so.” Esch said.

“I understand why people don’t want to respect me yet. I’m putting the work in.”

“I’ve had two flawless victories. I’ve dedicated my entire life to this. I have an $8 million mansion in Calabasas that I wasn’t staying at for six months because I’ve been in Las Vegas training twice a day, pouring my heart and soul into this.”

“If people don’t respect that, I don’t know what they will respect. It’s an uphill battle for Jake Paul. It always has been. I fought for everything my entire life.”

Jake Paul has been undefeated in his run as a professional boxer, winning all five of his fights, with four by KO.

Despite getting criticized for fighting non-boxers all his career, Paul has sparked controversies in calling names like Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, and Anderson Silva.