Boxing coach storms the ring to punch boxer after dramatic stoppage

A combat sports rivalry will always involve emotional bursts throughout the fight. But for this South African trainer, things went way over board.

Michael Sediane was cornering boxer Sithembiso Maduna in a heated rematch for a national title against Jeff Magagne on May 29 in Gauteng, South Africa.

Both boxers have faced each other before with Maduna winning the first encounter by a close split decision.

In the rematch, they went at each other ferociously with the national title once again on the line. In the final round, Maduna cornered Magagneand managed to win the final seconds of the fight.

The ref separated the two. After the bell rang seconds later, Magagne flexed his arms in confidence believing he did enough to beat the rival.

He then climbed the ropes and raised his arms to celebrate in front of the crowd. But when he got down, Sediane was already waiting for him.

They got in a heated argument before Sediane lost his cool and started throwing wild shots at Magagne. Maduna was apparently still trying to digest what happened and only watched the incident in beweilderment –  his trainer was now beating up his opponent. The camera broadcasting the fight then quickly changed the shot to a replay of the fight.

Magagne’s trainer, Alan Toweel Junior tried to prevent Sediane’s continuous assaults. But he was blocked by the rope and couldn’t do much.

Following the scene, the promoter of the event Tshele Kometsi – chairman of the Gauteng Boxing Promoters Association is said to have prevented Sediane from further damaging his reputation.

Sediane was once previously in a similar incident – that was televised live.