Boxing champion explains why he manhandled troll who travelled 200 miles to challenge him

IBF flyweight world champion Sunny Edwards disciplined a “Twitter troll” who traveled from London to his Sheffield gym to resolve their online conflict. After spending a day on social media promoting the unorthodox boxing bout, amateur boxer Fab Tanga paid £110 to travel 200 miles by train for the match.

However, Tanga was unable to live up to his expectations. He was forced to withdraw from the impromptu fight in the second round due to weariness after Edwards, who hails from a renowned boxing family, beat him.

At the time many were confused as to why Edwards was adamant that this particular man deserves such rough treatment.

Edwards told Mirror:

“I didn’t even hurt him really, I didn’t even put him down,”

“If I actually set about him he would have been on the floor crying. He could barely stand up at the end. ”

“I was feeding my kids and I saw some tweets from a train station in Lincoln. Then I saw a picture of himself outside my gym and then he said ‘I have £50 for people who will give me Sunny’s home address’. Obviously I’m with my children, I don’t know what his objective is he might come to try and kill me or something.”

“When I saw that I said get everyone down to the gym and get the camera out. I need to make sure there is no police involved, I just want this not for clout just for protection of myself. He was saying that he was going to walk around Sheffield screaming ‘Sunny Edwards is a coward’. So I went down there and the energy wasn’t the same as it was when he was online.”

“He was screaming at me shouting ‘give me the respect I deserve’. I tried turning things into a negative into a positive and keeping in contact with him. But it was just too much for my head. ”