Boxing champion Ebanie Bridges gives Tommy Fury a reality check ahead of KSI clash

Tommy Fury aspires to be a boxing world champion, although Ebanie Bridges claims it would never happen.

The 24-year-old opted to join the very lucrative realm of influencer boxing after beginning his career by competing against other respectable professional boxers and then getting called out by Jake Paul.

Earlier this year, he clinched victory over Paul via split decision. Now, he is gearing up to face another social media sensation turned boxer KSI on October 14 in Manchester.

Despite his foray into influencer boxing, Tommy Fury remains resolute about his ultimate goal: attaining world champion status. He wants to be like his older brother, WBC heavyweight title holder Tyson Fury.

Guiding him on this ambitious journey is none other than his father and coach, John Fury.

John Fury Sr. has been instrumental in promoting Tommy’s journey, making quite the impression at the recent press conference before the match. He almost started a large-scale brawl by kicking all the tables off the stage.

While Ebanie Bridges isn’t entirely fond of the chaos, she acknowledges its necessity in the world of sports promotion.

She shared her thoughts with SafeBettingSites, stating: “When I watch that, I just think John Fury does my head in a little bit, it’s a bit too much. But hey, that sort of drama will get views on YouTube.”

“Tommy’s capitalising because he won’t make money in normal boxing and he’s never going to be a world champion. Let’s be real. Sorry, mate.”

While some doubt his path to world champion status, Tommy Fury remains steadfast in his pursuit of becoming a world champion. With the guiding hand of his father John Fury Sr., Tommy Fury is undoubtedly making waves in the boxing world. Only time will tell if he can turn his aspirations into reality and become as successful as his brother.