Boxing Champion charged after acting aggressive towards Police

A former Australian boxing champion recently appeared in court after acting obnoxiously with security personnel and police officers.

Australian news source The Cairns Post reports that on the night of August 14, 27-year-old Jai Opetaia and a companion were out in Sydney. They attempted to enter a nightclub on Cockle Bay Wharf. The security officer told the duo that they needed to use the appropriate entry since they first attempted to enter the club via the exit door.

When Opetaia and his partner approached the security officer, many other guys became involved. The 27-year-old was finally forced to leave the area after disputing with the club security personnel.

The boxing champion refused to comply. He chose to argue until he was ultimately detained while awaiting the arrival of police.

According to reports, the boxing champion cursed at the policemen both before and after being taken into custody. The 27-year-old was taken to the Day Street Police Station. There was put in a cell and proceeded to yell at the police.

Opetaia was ultimately charged with continuing to be near a licensed establishment after being asked to leave, acting offensively in public, and speaking offensively in public.

On September 28, the 27-year-old made an appearance in court in Sydney. He entered a guilty plea via a defense attorney. Opetaia’s attorney also stressed the boxing champion’s lack of a criminal record, saying that the confrontation was the first time he had alcohol in his life.

Opetaia’s actions, notably the way he interacted with police officers while being detained and while at the police station, did not impress the court.

The judge stated: “Police have a right to go about their work without being treated like that…What troubles me is your attitude to police…it’s absolutely disgraceful the way you acted.”

Opetaia most recently won the IBF cruiserweight world championship in July when he beat Mairis Briedis. He previously represented Australia in the London Olympics in 2012.