Boxing champ Ebanie Bridges roasts ‘dumb’ boxers who don’t use looks or character to sell bouts

A viral female boxing world champion Ebanie Bridges doesn’t think anything is beneath her. In fact Bridges slammed boxers who don’t use their “advantage” .

A trend of wearing a revealing bikini during weigh-ins might be a common thing in women’s boxing in the future. Ebanie Bridges gained more fans thanks to her outfits despite the fact she’s an excellent boxer.

Bridges started in the business as a ring girl – which is why she has no moral qualms about the entertainment side of the business. She often supports others who follow in her footsteps.

Seeing this positive result, the 36-year-old Australian became more and more bold in wearing revealing outfits.

The current IBF female bantamweight champion was pretty bold ahead of her latest bout against Shannon O’Conne last December.

This viral act became controversial with some boxing fans questioning her moral. But, Bridges insisted that she didn’t do anything wrong for how she tried to market herself. She believes using her advantage in looks is the right thing to do. She also slammed those who refused to do so.

“If you have looks or you have a personality or you have something in your pocket that is going to help and you don’t use it because of worrying about what people are going to think you are just cutting yourself short.” Bridges said in a talk with The George Groves Boxing Club.

“That’s like a business saying, ‘I’ve got this really good [thing] but I don’t wanna use it because I want to be equal to everyone else. I don’t wanna get a step ahead because it’s not fair.’” Bridges said.

Ebanie Bridges started her professional boxing career in 2019 and was 7-1 before she challenged María Cecilia Román in March 2022 for the IBF female bantamweight belt. It was Roman’s eighth title defense. But, Bridges defeated her via unanimous decision after exchanging blows for 10 rounds. She then defended her belt once against Shannon O’Connell in December of last year, where she won via TKO in the eighth round.