Boxer Ryan Garcia promises youtuber a match if he can last 6 rounds in sparring

Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has issued a response to a callout from Nurideen Shahid Shabazz, widely known as Deen the Great, an influencer-turned-boxer. Garcia has laid down a challenge for Deen to prove himself in a sparring session, with the promise of a full-fledged boxing match should Deen meet the challenge.

At just 25 years old, Ryan Garcia has risen to prominence in the boxing world as a formidable knockout artist. Early in his career, he managed to floor his opponents an impressive 19 times. With an unbeaten record of 23 wins, Garcia appeared to be an unstoppable force.

However, his journey hit a setback when he faced multi-weight champion Gervonta Davis in a non-title bout last April. Davis’s relentless body shots forced Garcia to kneel in the 7th round, ultimately marking his first loss through a knockout.

“Gervonta Davis, if you want to scrap, you want to run it, let’s run it, let’s make this bread. Because nobody else in the influencer scene can f*ck with me. Or if Ryan wants to run it… Ryan Garcia, anybody, anybody can get it.” Deen said.

Despite this setback, Garcia remains a sought-after opponent in the world of boxing, with numerous fighters eager to step into the squared circle with him. One such challenger is Nurideen Shahid Shabazz, known as Deen the Great, who made his name as an American YouTuber and TikToker with a substantial following across multiple social media platforms. Deen has now transitioned his focus to a career as a boxer.

While Deen’s boxing resume features only a handful of matches, primarily against fellow influencers, he boasts an undefeated record. His most recent bout took place on October 14 at MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card in Manchester, England, where he faced off against his rival, Walid Sharks, another social media star turned boxer. The match exceeded expectations, showcasing both fighters’ competent boxing skills and dedication.

In this exciting clash, Deen proved himself the superior boxer, landing more shots and showcasing more refined techniques. His victory came via a unanimous decision. Following this win, Deen shifted his focus away from facing fellow influencers, setting his sights on challenging top-tier boxers, including Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

“Come spar me for this camp. You can record and everything and if you make it past 6 rounds, I’ll give you a shot at a real fight.” Garcia said.

In response to Deen’s callout, Ryan Garcia took to his social media platform to share his thoughts. Garcia, known as ‘The Flash,’ expressed reservations about Deen’s worthiness as an opponent and instead proposed a sparring session challenge. He offered Deen the opportunity to spar with him during his training camp, with the stipulation that if Deen can withstand the rigors and make it through six rounds, Garcia would agree to a genuine boxing match.