Boxer Ryan Garcia ‘disrespected’ defending legacy with influencer call outs

Renowned boxing sensation Ryan Garcia finds himself on the receiving end of relentless callouts, particularly from the ranks of social media influencers turned boxers. The 25-year-old knockout artist, who has previously held an undefeated record with 23 wins, faced his first loss against multi-weight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in a non-title bout last April.

Davis strategically targeted Garcia’s body, leading to a pivotal moment in the 7th round where Garcia knelt and, unable to continue before the 10-second count, suffered his first and only loss via knockout. Since then, Garcia has become a focal point for ambitious opponents, especially from the realm of YouTuber boxers.

Influencer turned boxer Nurideen Shahid Shabazz, popularly known as Deen the Great, has been particularly vocal in challenging Garcia. Boasting a substantial following on various social media platforms, Deen the Great has transitioned into boxing, maintaining an undefeated record against fellow YouTubers. His aspirations include stepping into the ring with either Davis or Garcia for his next bout.

The prospect of a showdown between Deen the Great and Garcia has garnered significant attention, with many anticipating an outcome in favor of the social media sensation. Even prominent YouTuber boxer KSI has publicly expressed his belief that “Deen beats Ryan.”

However, Garcia is not one to back down or tolerate disrespect. In a recent interview with Fight Hype, he fired back at those questioning his capabilities after just one loss. Garcia specifically addressed the challenge from Deen the Great, expressing frustration with the constant doubt and disrespect.

“I’m being disrespected by like… stupid YouTubers. Like Deen the Great… All these random dudes. They just be thinking they could beat me up, bro. What are you talking about? They haven’t even boxed half the year I boxed. They were talking about how they could beat me. I’m just tired of the disrespect and people giving him any leeway with that,” Garcia asserted.

Defending his legacy, Garcia emphasized his loss to a formidable opponent like ‘Tank’ Davis, highlighting the stark contrast between his professional experience and the claims of those underestimating him. He confidently stated, “I would literally destroy those guys. Bring them on at the same time.”

As Ryan Garcia navigates the landscape of callouts and doubters, his determination to prove his worth remains unwavering. The boxing world eagerly awaits his response in the ring, where actions often speak louder than words.