Boxer Ryan Garcia admits he knew he would lose to Gervonta Davis

In a candid revelation, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia opens up about his first career loss against Gervonta Davis and the lessons he learned from the experience. Garcia, a rising star with an impressive record of 23 wins, discusses the factors that led to his defeat and vows not to let one-sided negotiations impact his performance in the future.

Known for his knockout prowess, the 25-year-old Garcia faced Gervonta Davis in a non-title bout last April, resulting in his first and only loss via knockout. Despite his undefeated streak and the anticipation of securing a major belt, Garcia struggled against Davis, particularly due to the no-rehydration clause imposed on the match.

During a recent podcast appearance, Garcia reflects on the detrimental effects of the rehydration clause, revealing that he knew he was going to lose right from the backroom. He describes feeling weak and experiencing a lack of sharpness in his punches, attributing his poor performance to the challenges posed by the clause.

“I knew right in the backroom. Nothing is going right. I’m so weak. None of my punches are coming off sharp. I’m gonna lose this fight. But, how am I gonna lose this fight?” Garcia candidly admitted.

Learning from this setback, Garcia pledges not to compromise his performance in negotiations moving forward. He acknowledges the importance of fair and honest dealings, emphasizing that he won’t allow himself to be taken advantage of again.

“I would never let anybody play me like that in negotiation ever again. That would never happen. Ever. I’m gonna beat this guy, this guy, and this guy. I’m gonna get so big. I’m gonna be a fair and honest man in negotiations. I’m gonna do it right. I’m gonna beat them, solidify that. And it’s gonna be all good,” Garcia asserted.

As Garcia shares his insights and determination to navigate negotiations wisely, the boxing community awaits his comeback, anticipating a stronger and more strategic approach in future matches.