Boxer Linus Udofia had an eye swell shut in defeat to Conway

In a showdown between Linus Udofia and Kieron Conway on the undercard of the WBA featherweight world title in boxing, Udofia endured a memorable eye injury that led to a sixth-round stoppage.

Conway emerged victorious as referee Howard Foster intervened due to Udofia’s severe eye swelling, rendering him unable to continue. Despite his valiant efforts, Udofia’s right eye was completely shut, making further participation in the bout untenable.

After the bout, Udofia took to social media to reassure his concerned fans. He confirmed that, fortunately, there were no fractures or breaks in his injuries. He acknowledged the referee’s decision as the right call, recognizing the severity of his eye condition.

The British middleweight title eliminator between Kieron Conway and Linus Udofia had promised an intense and closely contested battle. However, Conway’s dominance quickly became evident, and he scarcely needed to exert himself.

Conway asserted control in the center of the ring, while Udofia circled cautiously, targeting the body with jabs and seeking opportunities for his overhand right. Although both fighters struggled to land clean punches, Conway appeared to have command of the match.

Udofia, who had previously fallen short in a bid for the British title, was determined not to miss another opportunity to claim the coveted Lonsdale belt. Nevertheless, he struggled to gain momentum, seemingly hesitant to commit to an aggressive approach. Conway, content to be patient, continued to stalk his opponent while utilizing a stiff jab.

In the fifth round, Conway seized the moment to intensify his efforts. A left hook from Conway stunned Udofia and immediately caused Udofia’s right eye to swell shut. As the sixth round commenced, referee Howard Foster closely examined Udofia’s injured eye and opted to halt the fight.

Conway positioned himself for a British title shot, currently held by Denzel Bentley, while Udofia faces the task of rebuilding his career.

It is worth noting that boxers like Yordenis Ugas have faced similar challenges in the past. Ugas suffered a broken eye socket and a broken nose during a super welterweight title bout in April 2022, with his eye compromised for over a week. Despite the adversity, Ugas made a successful recovery and returned to the ring.