Boxer Gervonta Davis believes he would do great in MMA because he’s ‘from the hood’

Gervonta Davis is the undefeated WBA lightweight champion. He hinted at a potential crossover into mixed martial arts, expressing confidence in maintaining his unbeaten record inside the UFC octagon recently.

Davis has gained immense popularity, backed by an impressive resume that includes unifying the super featherweight title and conquering the lightweight and super lightweight divisions in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

The knockout maestro boasts victories against notable opponents, with a standout performance against four-weight world champion Leo Santa Cruz, where he secured a win with a devastating uppercut. Currently undefeated in 29 matches, 27 of which concluded via knockouts, Davis stands as a formidable force in the boxing realm.

Amidst Davis’ boxing success, fans have been speculating about his potential in MMA. In a recent interview, the 29-year-old expressed a keen interest in stepping into the UFC’s octagon, confidently stating his belief in remaining unchallenged by grapplers due to his background in street brawling.

“I’ll fight in MMA. Because I don’t think anybody could get me… Like somebody my weight… Get me down. I don’t see that. Because I’m from the hood. We do some wrestling. First thing we do we are going to swing and then from the swing we picking you up and slamming you,” Davis asserted.

Addressing concerns about grappling, Davis remains resolute in his abilities and dismisses the idea that an opponent could outmaneuver him. He further downplays the threat of kicks, asserting that his punches will always outpace an opponent’s kicks.

“If they pay me enough like that, I’m comfortable with it, I’ll fight an MMA fight… Can you kick me in the face? I’d still do it because, think about it, I slip punches. So if somebody can kick me from all the way down here, I deserve to get kicked…” Davis confidently stated.