Boxer claims he swallowed a wasp in the middle of match on Fury vs Ngannou card – and still managed to win

Tyson Fury’s performance against Francis Ngannou wasn’t the only surprising moment of the weekend. Martin Bakole managed to overshadow it during the undercard.

On the undercard of the Fury vs. Ngannou bout, Bakole had an unusual encounter with a wasp during his match with Carlos Takam.

In an astonishing turn of events, Bakole revealed that he swallowed a wasp during the match. Speaking to IFL TV the day after the match, he expressed his surprise, saying, “I can’t believe it. I’m surprised. I’m still coughing until now. It stung me in the ring, and I was surprised when it was in my mouth.”

Bakole went on to explain that the wasp first stung him on the side of his face and then ended up in his mouth, which led to him accidentally swallowing it.

Despite this bizarre incident, Bakole reassured everyone by stating, “I was vomiting in my changing room, I kept vomiting, and I think it’s still in there, but I think I’ll be OK.”

When asked if he could feel the wasp, Bakole pointed at his throat and replied, “I can feel it here.” He added, “I think if it continues, I’ll go to the hospital because I can’t keep coughing like this.”

Remarkably, Bakole went on to win the match with a fourth-round stoppage. This victory extended his win streak to nine fights, with his only career defeat dating back to 2018 when he faced Michael Hunter. Bakole’s impressive performance continues to push him up the ranks as he pursues a shot at a heavyweight world title.