Bobby Green says Makhachev might be using IVs to mask his PED usage

Dan Hooker accused Islam Makhachev of using an IV rehydrate in order to defeat Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284.

City Kickboxing head coach Eugene Bareman commented that there is reliable information about Makhachev using an IV that’s been passed to appropriate authorities.

Makhachev’s team refuted Hooker’s claims, with his co-manager saying that Volkanovski was spreading falsehoods. Alexander Volkanovski jokingly suggested that Makhachev may have used an IV to quickly recover water weight

Bobby Green previously faced Makhachev and accused him of PED use.

“His school that he trained at in Russia. They just gave them vitamins. You know, they’ve been doing this since since who knows when when you start training. Imagine if you gave someone ste roids from the age of ten, 12, 13, 14, 15. How strong you would be, people. He was really strong. It makes sense now. There’s two people that I moved around with.”

“I’m not going to say their names, but I was like, That’s interesting I moved with thousands of guys. That was interesting. I told my coach they think there was something interesting about Islam and I felt it and like, it’s just not human. It makes sense.”

Ahead of his performance this weekend, he once again reiterated his belief that Makhachev is somehow skirting the rules.

“What is the I.V. bags? I guess they use that to flush PEDs. So now it’s like, huh? That’s a little interesting. Now you use it. I’ve been. What do you use I.V. bag for? I don’t know. You told me. And so the speculations just keep going.”

Fans of MMA will witness a transformation this Saturday night as Bobby Green steps into the Octagon. No, he is not retiring from the sport, nor is he jumping ship to boxing. Instead, he’s changing his name to King, becoming the shiny new action lightweight. This change is a long time coming, and it’s not a sudden decision. King, formerly known as Bobby Green, has been embroiled legal cases with his baby mommas over child support, which prevented him from changing his name before. Now, he’s finally free of the drama and ready for the new chapter in his life.

The card for UFC Vegas 71 will feature a heavyweight clash between Sergei Pavlovich and Curtis Blaydes. In the co-main event, a middleweight bout between Brad Tavares and Bruno Silva is planned. Green’s outing against Gordon will be the highlight of the night as he transitions to his new identity as King.