Bobby Green Details Hotel Altercation with UFC Austin Headliner Arman Tsarukyan: ‘Sh*t Just Getting Started’

Bobby Green and Arman Tsarukyan found themselves entangled in an altercation at the hotel before their respective UFC Austin match.

While handling his media responsibilities in the lobby, Green encountered Tsarukyan which resulted in an intense exchange.

Expressing his sentiments via an Instagram story, Green highlighted the encounter.

He said: “Sh*t just getting started. Sh*t’s just getting started, n*gga. Little b*tch ass n*gga right there. I’mma get you right there. Y’all ran up on me, n*gga. Y’all ran up on me, what’s up?!”

“I ain’t be starting nothing with nobody, but if you start that sh*t with me, I’m definitely gonna finish it. This sh*t just starting. It’s just starting. N*gga might go to jail tonight. F*ck around playing with me.”

The brewing tension between Green and Tsarukyan seemingly stemmed from Green’s critical remarks about Tsarukyan in an interview with The Schmo.

He said: “That Arman guy is f*cking boring. I can’t stand watching him fight. Every time I’ve watched him fight, I go to sleep.”

According to Brian Martin of SoCal News Group, he was on a phone interview with Green at the time of the confrontation. Security promptly intervened, curtailing both the interview and the escalating confrontation.

Green said: “This b*tch ass n*gga ran up on me trying to start that sh*t. He didn’t know I was gonna finish it. I socked one of his homies. Bop (laughs). Stop playing with me, bro. N*gga, we from ‘Dino. We from the ‘Dino where that sh*t really goes down. You n*ggas trying to do all that talking.”

“Hey, I need somebody else to tell me who that is in that video. I don’t know who the f*ck he is, but he was acting super tough when the n*ggas ran up on me by myself. They all ran up on me by myself and they was acting all that tough. As soon as I ran into the n*ggas again with my n*ggas then he was, ‘Oh, no, no.’”

He concluded: “Nah, nah, nah. You started this sh*t. Then soon as security come and all that sh*t, now you want to act tough again.”

Bobby Green was supposed to compete against Dan Hooker in a five-round co-main event, but Hooker hurt his arm during training. Therefore, Jalin Turner volunteered to fill in at the last minute.

Originally slated to face Dan Hooker, Green’s opponent changed to Jalin Turner after Hooker sustained an injury during training. Meanwhile, Tsarukyan gears up to face Beneil Dariush in the main event.