Blac Chyna had a hilarious celebrity boxing bout against Alysia Magen

Alysia Magen and Blac Chyna competed in a celebrity exhibition battle in Miami, Florida. The two reality tv sensations fought in the night’s main event at the Charles Dodge Center in Pembroke Pines.

Rashad Evans, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, acted as the celebrity referee. Rashed, who was elected into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019, announced the news on Instagram on Tuesday.

The event’s ring announcer was Flava Flav, while the celebrity commentator was Omarosa.

Things between the two became heated during the build-up to the match. Magen seemed to have gotten on Chyna’s nerves after firing a jab about Kim Kardashian.

Chyna claimed that the funds she will generate from the exhibition match would be sent to a California non-profit organization. Last week, Chyna stated, “I am fighting to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society.”

Chyna was in the corner being lit up by Magen in the waning seconds of the first round. In the second round, Chyna boosted her efforts and had a few moments of her own. However, she mostly stayed in second place behind her opponent.

Chyna was coming off a loss in a court dispute with the Kardashians. She had been in court for a defamation action involving her reality program, Rob & Chyna, with Rob Kardashian.

In the lead-up to Chyna’s battle, fans were reliving Kim’s celebrity match. People worried whether Chyna would perform similarly after seeing footage of Kim’s lack of skill resurfacing.

One fan said: “Kim K got hands? I hope Blac Chyna don’t go out like this tmr”

Another fan chimed in on Chyna’s outrage at the Kardashian phrase that alluded to her current court struggle.

“Man blac chyna boxing tomorrow??? Why she get mad when white chick said that Kim Kardashian line.”

People also made fun of Blac Chyna as she struggled in her match with Alysia.