BJ Penn is officially running – files papers to run for governor of Hawaii

BJ Penn has been a bit of an enigma as of late. The former UFC great has been trying to become a politician.

Penn was a scrappy popular mixed martial artist but he’s not as skilled at politics.  In order to promote his run for the office of the governor in Hawaii he even went on Joe Rogan Experience. But there he mostly had ideas that weren’t fleshed out.

But the conversation was less than smooth – in the very first 10 minutes of the podcast the two had the following exchange.


Rogan: When you say anti business like, how are they anti business?
Penn: As far as with the regulations, it takes so long, you know, you go to the planning department, and they hold you up for another eight months. And it’s just, you know, the taxes are so high, we got the highest, the highest state income tax…

Rogan: And what is the state income tax in Hawaii?

Penn: I don’t, I don’t got the exact number right now.

Rogan: We’ll get Jamie to pull that up that.

Penn: We talk about that often.

Now Penn has crossed another hurdle and officially submitted the paperwork. Former UFC champion is running as a Republican along four other Republicans.


On the road to a political office Penn got several endorsements including that of former democratic congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.

Penn has yet to outline any policy besides wanting to get rid of mask mandates and vaccine restrictions.

Recently Penn shared:

“Governor Penn will never let the WHO come to Hawaii and tell us to lockdown or make a decision on anything. ”

“Governor Penn and Hawaii’s National Guard will be waiting at the airport to stop any of these clowns from getting off the plane and send these clowns right back to where they came from.”

“This is another reason to never vote for Green or Kahele as they will bend their knee in a second to the WHO like the SELLOUTS that they are.”