BJ Penn announces he’s running to be a Hawaii councilman amidst a feud with another candidate

In a surprise move, former UFC Lightweight Champion and MMA legend BJ Penn has announced his candidacy for County Council District 1 in Hawaii. The news comes just a year after Penn’s unsuccessful bid for Governor of Hawaii in the Republican primary.

Penn, also known as “The Prodigy,” took to social media to share the news, stating, “Just filed my papers, County Council District 1, so come out and vote, we’ll do our best.” The announcement marks a new chapter in Penn’s career, as he turns his attention to public service.

The Hilo-born star, known for his impressive skills in the octagon, is no stranger to politics. In his recent bid for Governor, Penn campaigned on a platform focused on addressing Hawaii’s housing crisis, improving education, and supporting local businesses. Although he lost the primary to Duke Aiona, Penn’s passion for public service remains unwavering.

As he sets his sights on the Councilman position, Penn will face a new challenge in representing the people of County Council District 1.

Prior to announcing his candidacy, a MMA superfan X account Borracinha Depot caught BJ Penn waging war on another candidate for Hawaii county council Ikaika Kailiawa-Smith.

Penn is said to have used an alt account to do much of his bidding, but frequently failed to swap in between accounts revealing his own identity.

The provocation didn’t go unanswered as Ikaika Kailiawa-Smith answered the call outs.


Penn’s entry into the political arena has sparked interest among fans and non-fans alike. His unique blend of reasoning for his home state make him a compelling candidate.

While the road to election day will undoubtedly be challenging, Penn’s announcement has already sparked reactions among locals.

As the election approaches, Penn’s campaign will focus on addressing the pressing issues facing County Council District 1. From improving infrastructure to supporting local businesses, Penn is committed to listening to the concerns of his constituents and working tirelessly to address them.

With his paperwork filed, Penn is gearing up for a lively campaign trail ahead. As he stated, “Come out and vote, we’ll do our best.” The people of Hawaii will be watching closely as Penn embarks on this new chapter, ready to hold him accountable for his promises and support him every step of the way.