Bisping Leaves a Fighter Hanging For a Handshake

Michael Bisping has been one of the best developments in recent years. Former middleweight champion has been steadily working on the transition from MMA Fighter to respectable comedian and commentator. But Bisping still suffers some health consequences thanks to his prolific career as a fighter – Bisping had professionally fought 39 times in the span of 14 years.

Phillip Rowe on the other hand is just starting his career. He has 9 wins and 3 losses. Still the 31 year old UFC fighter had a moment of big triumph last night when he knocked out Jason Witt in the 2nd round of their bout.

But after the fight Rowe got his time in the spotlight. Once the post fight interview concluded, Rowe offered Bisping a handshake.

What’s even more brutal is that the UFC’s official social media account captioned the moment.

But Bisping quickly explained just how the embarrassing moment came to happen.

It’s a well known fact that Bisping suffered from loss of vision in one of his eyes – and has a glass eye replacement.