“Billions of dollars and we’re still stuck on $50,000 bonus checks?” – Luke Rockhold blasts the UFC

Former middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold,  has criticized the UFC for sticking to old incentives when it comes to athlete compensation.

The fact that the firm is now worth billions yet fighter bonus checks are only $50,000 irritates Rockhold. The 37-year-old has urged the remaining combatants to rise to the occasion and remedy the situation.

Rockhold expressed his displeasure with the UFC’s compensation to fighters in an interview with MMA Fighting’s YouTube channel.

Rockhold is irritated by the fact that the compensation for fighters is low even though the organization is worth substantially more today than when he initially joined.

“What the f**k are we doing here? After two decades, $50,000 bonuses are still being given out?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa The company’s value is increasing by billions of dollars, and we’re still getting $50,000 bonus checks? What the f**k is going on here?”

“How many billions have we gone up in valuations? They’re just f*****g us on pay. People need to stop talking about ‘Oh my gosh, a $50,000 bonus!’ Let’s say it’s $100,000, or let’s say $200,000… A little amount of reworking is required by the firm.”

The UFC has received a lot of flak from both within and outside the organization. Many of the current UFC competitors have spoken up about their problems in public.

Francis Ngannou, the heavyweight champion, has been one of the most outspoken athletes. The UFC’s arrangements with Venum and Crypto.com has been harshly criticized by him. According to Ngannou, UFC’s exclusivity deals have cost him sponsorshipts to the tune of $1 million.

Due to the UFC’s association with Crypto.com, Ngannou was obliged to reject down a “competitive offer” from Coinbase. He went on to say:

“Like recently, they signed a huge deal with Crypto.com. That was a good deal for them. What [is there] for fighters? Nothing, right? But guess what?”

“That deal [took] money out of my pocket, at least one million. We have a competitive offer from Coinbase. And then when the Crypto.com announcement came out, I’m like, ‘Listen guy, we can’t do this.’ What did I get from that Crypto deal? Nothing.”