Jorge Masvidal gives Ben Askren a non apology for comments he made about Askren’s family

Ben Askren has long insisted that combat sports athletes need to develop a thicker skin. This is why you won’t be seeing Funky blocking sassy commenters on social media. Askren’s predictable strategy made Jorge Masvidal into a star he is today, but despite that there’s still no love lost between the two.

After the devastating KO Masvidal insisted he would go on to have a real life confrontation with Askren even after the bout insisting it’s not ok to talk about someone’s family. But wait – he also talked about Askren’s family.

Retired Bellator champion was quick to point out some holes in Masvidal’s posturing following the incident with Colby Covington.

 “Imagine having 25 minutes to punch someone as many times as you want legally, but you can’t get it done so you gotta sneak up at the steak house ”

“The couple times I got beat up I just thought s–t that sucked I should trained harder or employed better tactics. Not let me sneak up and attack him on the street bc I have anger/insecurity issues.”

“Jorge also talked about my family so he is being a hypocritical terd on top of all else. Suck it up butter cup, you got whipped. It happens sometimes.”

Masvidal then went on to sort of apologize?

Askren’s ‘illegitimate son’ UFC’s Chase Hopper went on to reply:

Askren replied to the quote tweet apology, if it can be called that
“Is this an apology or what is this Im very confused. Don’t need an apology, you said what you said. Im tough enough to be ok with it, I have thick skin.”