Bellator featherweight reveals creepy DMs: “Can I be your pay pig?”

The sport of mixed martial arts has a huge predominantly male fanbase. This often leads to some interesting events such as kit auctions and well worn kit auctions, sort of speak.

Bellator featherweight Leah McCourt was the latest to reveal the offers she gets in her DMs.

McCourt is 30 years old with a record consisting of 7 wins and 2 losses. Thanks to the booming male fanbase a lot of the female talent is resorting to providing backstage passes on subscription only websites. This is certainly more lucrative than MMA.
But it’s not for anyone who has a weak stomach. McCourt recently unveiled some of the ‘offers’ she receives in her DMs while appearing on a podcast.

“I get loads of messages saying, ‘Can I pay you, can I send you money on my PayPal?” McCourt began.

“There are literally just hundreds and hundreds of weirdos. Then some of them send videos but, I’ve never opened any of them.”

“There are so many mental people. You start to realize how many people are off their heads. Look at this one, he wants to send me money.’ I’ll even buy photos of your dirty socks goddess. I’ll buy feet pics right now. Can I be your pay-pig?”

“‘I’ll buy your used socks. You should make me a wishlist for Piggy to buy you things.’… Use me like a human ATM. Put payment amount and I’ll send it goddess.’”

McCourt won an unanimous decision against Dayana Silva this past weekend. She celebrated in the company of UFC star Molly McCann.

McCourt’s personal life is not well publicized however it’s known that she has a daughter who is a big source of inspiration.

“I just feel like another working mum, there’s so many mums who work full time and have to juggle so much.”

“I have clawed my way up from the bottom, life has thrown everything at me, but my determination has never wavered.”

“I had Isabella when I was 18 and was a single parent. How hard that was, with three jobs and training, kind of paved the way for myself.”

“I envisage becoming the Bellator world champion. When I say that I know I’m going to do something, then I know that I will do it.”

“Growing up in Belfast gave me that inspiration. I didn’t really have a path to follow. I had to make the right training decisions and choices and it worked out for me.”