Bare-knuckle boxing debut of UFC veteran Diego Sanchez ends in bloody defeat via doctor stoppage

Diego Sanchez recently made his debut in bare-knuckle boxing, and it was quite a brutal match.

Despite his vast experience in MMA, Sanchez failed to make an impression in his bare-knuckle boxing debut against former WBC champion Austin Trout. Ahead of the welterweight bout, Trout predicted that Sanchez wouldn’t survive until the final round, and he was proven right. The match was intense, and both put on a show for the audience.

The event was part of the BKFC KnuckleMania 3 event held on February 17th in New Mexico. Greg Hardy made his BKFC debut along with Diego Sanchez.

Sanchez received several cuts, including a massive one above his eye, which caused his face to be almost entirely covered in blood. Despite his determination to continue, Sanchez was visibly struggling in the fourth round and was eventually knocked down by a left hand from Trout.

The ringside physician then intervened and declared Sanchez unable to continue, giving Trout the victory.

Although bare-knuckle boxing is known to be safer than gloved boxing in terms of brain trauma, it can still be a dangerous sport. Competitors are more susceptible to cuts and facial bone fractures due to the lack of gloves. As a result, bruises, cuts, and blood are more common in bare-knuckle boxing.

While Diego Sanchez’s debut in bare-knuckle boxing was not successful, it was an excellent opportunity for him to showcase his skills in a different combat sport. Many fans expressed their concern for Sanchez’ well being afterwards.