Barcelona FC star Ferran Torres reveals how he was impacted by UFC’s Ilia Toporia

Barcelona’s Ferran Torres encountered a pivotal moment in the USA when he engaged in a life-altering conversation with UFC sensation, Ilia Topuria. It seems that Topuria had taught important lessons in handling the psychological aspects of sports. Ferran said their talk consisted of advice on how to overcome obstacles and learn from mistakes.

Expressing the profound impact of this interaction, Torres attested that it significantly shaped his personal and professional growth. In an illuminating interview on The Wild Project podcast, Torres remarked:

“My mentality has changed a lot, I’m a different person now. I arrived as a Ferran and I returned as another… I want to be the best Ferran, I want to be like Ilia Topuria, I want to be indestructible.”

The conversation also demonstrated the cross-disciplinary cooperation in the sports world. Prior to this, Ferran Torres and Sergio Ramos had gone to a UFC bout to cheer on Topuria.

In June 2023, they supported Ilia Topuria at UFC Jacksonville. Backstage at VyStars Veterans Memorial Arena, the iconic Spanish football players and Topuria greeted each other and posed for photos.

Ilia Topuria’s journey in the UFC has been nothing short of extraordinary, boasting an undefeated professional record of 14-0-0. His debut in 2020 swiftly garnered attention, amassing an impressive 8-0 record before joining the UFC ranks. Competing in the UFC featherweight division, Topuria currently holds the coveted #5 spot in the UFC featherweight rankings.

In February 2024, UFC 298 is expected to take place in Anaheim, California. Ilia Topuria is scheduled to compete against Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight championship. Many believe Volkanovksi might be overthrown by Topuria.

CEO Dana White officially disclosed the match particulars via X (previously known as Twitter), confirming both the match and venue details for UFC 298. Despite only six bouts in the UFC, rising star Ilia Topuria exudes unwavering confidence in his ability to secure victory against Volkanovski.

On the Overdogs Podcast, Topuria confidently asserted: “I’m gonna beat [Volkanovski] now on February 17. And then I’m gonna fight with Max Holloway here in Spain.”