Awkward? Streamer propositions UFC champion Sean O’Malley on a livestream

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley is at the center of controversy following a podcast appearance with controversial Twitch streamer N3on. The discussion took an uncomfortable turn as O’Malley got engaged in a conversation about group s*x, prompting public outrage due to the presence of his young daughter during the discussion.

O’Malley has faced scrutiny for his complicated relationship with his wife. The recent podcast appearance with N3on added another layer of controversy to the fighter’s public image.

N3on, previously in hot water with the UFC for threatening Donald Trump during a livestream, delved into a discussion with O’Malley. The exchange took place while O’Malley had his daughter on his lap. While both O’Malley and N3on were wearing headphones, shielding the child from hearing the sketchy content, the optics of the conversation have drawn criticism.

The public’s reaction to the podcast has been largely negative, with fans expressing disappointment and concern over the appropriateness of such discussions in the presence of a child. The controversy adds to O’Malley’s recent encounters at the 2024 seasonal press conference, where fellow fighters Marlon Vera and Sean Strickland criticized his unconventional relationship choices.

Despite O’Malley’s popularity and success in the Octagon, the association with controversial figures and questionable discussions may impact his image. Fans on social media have voiced their disapproval, questioning the champion’s judgment and expressing concerns about how such incidents could affect his standing as a role model.