Arrested UFC star Khusein Askhabov cleared of alleged kidnapping, robbery charges

UFC’s Khusein Askhabov and his brother Khasan have been released from custody in Thailand after being acquitted of accusations involving kidnapping, torture, and robbery.

The UFC Vegas 80 match between Askhabov and Daniel Pineda was canceled due to the high-profile lawsuit.

Initially accused of involvement in a home invasion and robbery in Phuket, the Askhabov brothers faced legal repercussions. But according to sources, the Askhabov brothers were completely absolved of any connection to the alleged crime. The probe uncovered no evidence linking them to the reported incident.

Responding to the allegations, UFC released a statement acknowledging Khusein Askhabov’s arrest. However, they stressed the necessity of gathering comprehensive details before making definitive statements.

The alleged incident occurred on Sep. 3 when the Askhabov brothers accompanied by a third individual, were accused of breaking into a villa in Phuket. The victim reported a substantial loss of valuables of around 12 million Thai baht, including luxury items like watches, an Apple laptop and phone, a passport, and a debit card.

Reportedly surprising the victim while he slept, the alleged thieves subjected him to physical assault and extensive interrogation for hours. Managing to escape, the victim reported the incident that led to the subsequent arrest of the Askhabov brothers. The men purportedly departed Phuket for Dubai on September 4, the day after the attack.

Boasting an impressive professional MMA record of 23 wins and 1 loss, Khusein Askhabov is a 28-year-old combatant from Grozny, Chechnya. He competes in the UFC featherweight division.

Affiliated with Tiger Muay Thai and American Top Team, his last UFC match against Jamall Emmers resulted in a loss by unanimous decision on February 18, 2023.

Starting his MMA journey in 2012, Askhabov has climbed the ranks with wins across various promotions including WWFC and GEFC.

Now cleared of all accusations, Khusein Askhabov can redirect his focus to his career in the octagon. With his name cleared, he will be eyeing potential future match in the UFC.