Anthony Joshua Faces Fan Backlash as Interview Sparks Controversy

British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua is under fire from fans who labeled him the ‘biggest bell*** in boxing’ after a blunt interview circulated on social media in anticipation of his ‘Day of Reckoning’ headline fight against Otto Wallin.

The 34-year-old, known for his reserved demeanor during interviews, provided terse responses when questioned about his preparations for the upcoming bout. Despite Joshua’s known focus on his process, fans on social media expressed mixed reactions to his curt attitude.

While some defended Joshua, stating that he is in “fight mode” and has the right to be brief, others criticized him for what they perceived as an uncooperative and forced demeanor. The interview’s context includes Joshua’s awareness that a victory could lead to a significant fight with Deontay Wilder, adding more pressure to an already high-stakes match.

Notably, the choice of interviewer Dev Sahni, who had clashed with Joshua in a previous press conference, was mentioned as a potential factor influencing Joshua’s reticence during the interview.

The controversy surrounding Joshua’s interview adds an intriguing layer to the buildup of his clash with Otto Wallin, generating buzz and discussion among boxing fans online. The comments and reactions reflect the diverse opinions within the fanbase as they eagerly await the outcome of the upcoming blockbuster bout.