Another UFC star is accusing Venum gear of malfunctioning after Jessica Andrade’s unfortunate mishap

Jessica Andrade, the former UFC strawweight champion, suffered an unexpected loss to Erin Blanchfield at UFC Vegas 69.

Andrade stepped in as a late replacement for Talia Santos and was considered a favorite by many. However, Blanchfield had other plans, and Andrade was defeated by a takedown followed up with a great jiu-jitsu sequence.

Andrade revealed an unusual reason for her loss. She stated that a wardrobe malfunction distracted her, creating an opening while she readjusted her bosom for Blanchfield to advance her position.

And apparently this isn’t an isolated case. After a recent UFC event, another competitor complained about the Venum gear malfunctioning.

Montana De La Rosa was displeased when she suffered a malfunction in loss to Talia Santos at UFC Vegas 70.  She even went so far as to directly address the brass and ask for the issue to get handled.

UFC’s Andrea Lee also agreed with this estimate going so far as to say the Venum tops ‘honestly suck’.

This is all especially jarring considering UFC just had their biggest financial success to date. Endeavor earnings call for Q4 revealed that UFC helped lead Endeavor sports properties to $1.3 billion in revenue, up $224.1 million more from 2021.

Sponsorships played significantly into this margin.

According to Chief Financial Officer Jason Lublin:

“UFC also had its highest sponsorship sales in the company’s history,” Lublin said.

“We added several new sponsors to our roster like V-Chain, New Amsterdam, and Project Rock. We also introduced new categories like the official commercial truck, the official law firm, and the official ready-to-drink partners of the UFC.”

Venum succeed Reebok as UFC’s apparel partner and extended their deal during UFC Paris (Venum is headquartered there). Tracey Bleczinski, senior vice president of UFC global consumer products, added: “We’re thrilled to renew our partnership with Venum.”

No estimate of the value of the deal is available but there is a make shift solution. Apparently UFC will tailor your event gear for you, if you complain enough.

UFC’s Jessica-Rose Clark revealed that there is a work around that can help avoid situations like these. Apparently one can ask to get extra material added.
“Agreed. But to be fair, you can get the tops altered. I ALWAYS get my top altered with added material at the top and underarms. That’s why I’ve never had a malfunction. They do still f**ken suck though. Shouldn’t need to get your bra altered”

The issue isn’t isolated to Venum either, previously Ronda Rousey had a major issue with Reebok gear.

Ronda Rousey famously had a similar wardrobe situation during UFC 157.

Rousey told Helwani at the time:

“I was thinking more about keeping my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me. I felt very safe and in control even though it didn’t look like that.”