Andrew Tate’s medical record reveals possible lung cancer diagnosis, Manager confirms reports

Andrew Tate and his brother recently demanded they be provided a hairstylist and a playstation in prison but it’s looking like they might have bigger issues that thinning hair and boredom.

Andrew Tate has been detained for over two months due to the suspicion of human trafficking,  and involvement in a criminal organization that exploits women.

Alongside his brother, Tristan, the brothers have denied all allegations.

However, a copy of Tate’s medical record circulating online reveals that he may be suffering from lung cancer.

Tate’s medical record, originating from King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, indicates that he has a lesion in his right upper lung that requires immediate and urgent investigation.

The document claims that while the findings are nonspecific, they suggest that Tate may have a more aggressive neoplastic lesion, such as a carcinoid tumor or calcific metastases, due to the lesion’s size, satellite nodules, and infiltration of the surrounding tissue. The record has yet to be verified independently.


In response to the medical diagnosis, a spokesperson for Tate stated that he was diagnosed with a severe medical condition in Dubai in December 2022, before his arrest in Romania.

The authenticity of the leak was confirmed by the hospital, as per MSN.

“We confirm that the letter, which details Mr Tate’s visits at our hospital in Dubai Hills … was issued by one of our family medicine practitioners Dr Ali Razzak,” the hospital said.

The hospital said Dr Razzak wrote the letter in his professional capacity and in good faith.

“We strongly condemned the leakage of Mr Tate’s medical letter, which details private information of his health and well-being,” it said.

“We can strongly confirm that the leakage did not occur from our end and that we, without a doubt, uphold doctor-patient confidentiality to the highest standards.”

The spokesperson also noted that Tate wishes to attend a prearranged consultation in Dubai if he were released and then return to Romania. The spokesperson emphasized that recommended appointments for this medical issue were made before Tate’s arrest, highlighting the seriousness of his condition.

The brothers’ lawyers have argued against their continued detention, as prosecutors have not presented new evidence or charges against them. However, judges have previously stated that the brothers pose a flight risk, and their release could potentially compromise the ongoing investigation.

Tate, a former professional kickboxer from Luton, has garnered millions of followers online, where he promotes a luxurious lifestyle funded by his earnings from investments, including a webcam business.