Andrew Tate’s bff Adin Ross sets date for boxing debut against another streamer

Prominent streamer Adin Ross has recently confirmed that he will be taking part in his first-ever boxing match in 2024. This announcement has generated a lot of buzz among his fans.

Adin Ross is one of the biggest names in the world of online gaming and he’s partially credited for the infamy Andrew Tate generated in  a short while.

He had previously made his home at Twitch, but he later moved to Kick, where he signed a massive deal to broadcast exclusively on the platform. Since joining Kick, Adin Ross has been the subject of much controversy. His support for Andrew Tate and his on-stream antics have earned him criticism from other streaming mega stars like Hasan, xQc, and others.

Ross has been adopting parts of Tate’s persona and has even shaved off his hair in a stunt earlier this year.

During a recent stream, Ross revealed that he will be boxing against another streamer in 2024, but he did not disclose the name of his opponent. Despite the fans’ requests, he asked them not to guess and not be weird about it.

With more than a year left until the actual event, Adin Ross has plenty of time to prepare for the bout. He has not disclosed any details regarding his training regime, but it is expected that he will put in the necessary effort and dedication required to perform well in the ring.

It’s unknown if Tate influenced Ross’ decision but it’s likely.

Andrew Tate  made headlines earlier this year for his ‘real-life MMA club’ named ‘The War Room.’ The media outlet VICE released a documentary about him, titled The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate, which explores the peculiar club.

However, what makes this club controversial is that attendees are asked to compete against professional mixed martial artists in a nationally televised event without any prior training. In the documentary, Tate can be seen trying to persuade people on the spot to get in the ring, even shaming those who opt not to compete.

Fans are already speculating about who Adin Ross’s opponent might be. Although he has asked them not to guess, they are still making predictions based on his recent behavior and controversies.

Some fans believe that he might be facing off against Fortnite pro Clix, while others are guessing that it could be any of the other streamers he has had conflicts with in the past. However, until Adin Ross reveals his opponent’s name, it remains anyone’s guess.

Despite the controversies, Adin Ross remains one of the most popular streamers on the platform. With his upcoming boxing match in 2024, fans are eagerly waiting to see what he brings to the table.