Andrew Tate’s associate gets destroyed by fans for claiming he could beat up female UFC champ

Andrew Tate’s fellow compatriot believes he could defeat a UFC women’s champion in a street brawl.

In a widely circulated video, J Waller talks about a discussion he had with a buddy about how he would perform in a parking lot brawl against a UFC women’s champion. He highlighted his prior combat training, significant physical advantage, and boldly asserted that he “bled, bruv.”

The community flooded the comments section with reactions to Waller’s audacious statements. Users shared diverse opinions:

@addy.mp3109 humorously remarked, “He’s gonna steal her pants after 😂😂😂”

@alejandroromano7131 emphasized the significance of weight classes, stating: “That’s why there are weight classes.”

@Vorsal humorously pointed out Waller’s tendency to boast about various aspects of himself in every video: “every video from this guy he manages to say his height, how much money he makes, his past history, his weight and his fighting skills”

@TimWing23 highlighted the historical significance of UFC and the Gracie challenge, showcasing instances where smaller competitors triumphed over larger opponents.

He said: “UFC started basically because the Gracie family, who was big in the Brazilian Jujitsu martial art, wanted to prove that size doesn’t matter if you know BJJ and your opponent doesn’t. It was called the Gracie challenge. They would travel from gym to gym challenging the best fighters of different martial arts. Usually fighting guys who were at least 40-50 lbs heavier. Sometimes 100 lbs difference. It didnt matter. You can see some of these fights online. Even looking at some of the early UFC events, there were huge fighters that were beat by smaller opponents. Size only matters if the fighters are somewhat close in talent.”

@Maguadog suggested a comical undercard placement for the speculated matchup between Waller and a UFC champion: “This should be on the undercard of the Bradley Martyn fight Lmao”

@ln5747 expressed skepticism about Waller’s claims, stating, “‘I’ve trained’ He’d get his ass handed to him by someone like Valentina 😂”

Much like his associate J Waller, Andrew Tate found himself in hot water over his views on women. In a recent interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Tate faced scrutiny over his series of tweets exhibiting misogynistic tones.

The former Big Brother UK participant continues to draw attention due to his outdated and narrow perspectives on a woman’s role in society. Tate’s statements have garnered both support and criticism, shaping a notable portion of his fanbase.