Andrew Tate slams wrestling and grappling as useless skills in real life as opposed to striking

The controversial social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate criticized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his new video.

Tate provided an answer to those who think Jiu-Jitsu is as good in the streets as it looks in the ring. Some people wonder what happens when they face many people in the street, will BJJ offer some help in this situation?

Andrew Tate believes BJJ has no relevance for real life situations:
“BJJ outside of the cage is useless.”

“stay on your feet. Use your hands. Do not go to the ground.”

“BJJ and wrestling are useless if you have multiple attackers.”

Tate is a retired kickboxer so it’s no surprise his bias is towards the striking arts as opposed to grappling. He is famous for controversial remarks he’s made on social media so it’s no surprise he’d try to tease the passionate jiu jitsu fan base.

Andrew Tate had competed at a high level during his kickboxing career. He won the ISKA world title on two occasions, one in the lightweight category and the other in the cruiserweight division.

Tate also participated in mixed martial arts. He had a victory against Luke Barnatt by unanimous decision in his only amateur MMA showing. In his only professional MMA bout, he defeated Shane Kavanagh in the first round by KO.

Andrew Tate  challenged fans of jiu jitsu saying:

“Anyone who thinks I’m wrong, I’ll challenge you to the following, you and one of your friends come along and try to fight me. And I’ll just use what I know and we’ll see how the fight goes down. I’m guaranteeing you, you’re gonna take some shorts, I might take some shots as I don’t know who you are. Either way I’ll be on my feet I’ll be moving, you are gonna get hit in the face.”