Andrew Tate confirms he was set to box one of the Paul brothers prior to arrest

Former four-time kickboxing world champion and controversial influencer, Andrew Tate, has opened up about a missed opportunity to step into the boxing ring against either Jake or Logan Paul before his incarceration.

Tate, 36, who gained fame on social media alongside his brother Tristan, currently faces trial on a number of very serious charges. Following their release from a Romanian prison in March, the kickboxing brothers have been under house arrest. They vehemently deny all allegations. The trial can reportedly take years.

Prior to his imprisonment in late 2022, Tate was on the brink of venturing into influencer boxing. He teased a potential bout against Jake Paul by engaging in a face-off with the YouTube sensation at an event. However, any hopes of entering the ring were dashed when he was incarcerated a month later.

“It was all set up, and then I went to jail. This trial could drag on for two or three years, and by the time it’s over, I’ll be 40. At 36, I still had the ability to teach them all a lesson. I give credit to the Paul brothers; they are young guys who are injecting life back into boxing, and that’s good,” Tate shared during an episode of Anything Goes with James English.

Tate, who claims a kickboxing record of 43-9, has also ventured into MMA, securing a victory over UFC veteran Luke Barnatt. The outspoken influencer, who last competed three years ago in a lopsided encounter against Cosmin Lingurar, expressed admiration for Logan and KSI’s decision to transition from internet careers to professional boxing, despite labeling them as “idiots.”

In reference to the Paul brothers, Tate remarked on Anything Goes with James English., “I appreciate the idea of settling disputes with a physical duel. ‘You don’t like me? Fight me.’ I actually respect that. KSI is an idiot, Logan is an idiot, but Jake is actually a decent guy. I’ve met him, and he’s quite pleasant.”

Tate further commented, “I have a suspicion that their popularity might fade if they don’t secure more competitive matchups. Nevertheless, I genuinely wish them the best. I believe it’s more worthwhile to dedicate oneself to rigorous boxing training rather than… what were they doing before? Wearing Pokémon costumes and prancing around like clowns? Complete idiots.”

Despite the missed opportunity for a high-profile boxing match, Andrew Tate remains a polarizing figure within the combat sports world. His future endeavors and potential return to the ring will be closely watched by fans and critics alike.