Andrew Tate brushes off cancer claims, claims he’ll exist for “5000 more years”

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has made headlines once again, this time for denying rumors that he has lung cancer. Tate has been detained by the Romanian government since his arrest in December 2022. But despite that he’s active on social media.

The rumors about Tate’s health began after medical documents surfaced, indicating that he had a lesion in the upper right portion of one of his lungs.

However, Tate took to Twitter to dismiss the claims, stating that the doctors “do not understand how I survive without treatment.”

Tate also mentioned that he has a scar on his lung from an “old battle,” but did not elaborate further. He went on to proclaim himself as “one of the most influential men on the face of the planet” and claimed that his survival and longevity are “important for the good of humanity.”

In a series of tweets, Tate estimated that he will live “at least 5000 more years” and that he won’t be going away anytime soon. He also made reference to The Tales of Wudan, a series of stories on his website that describe what he claims to be his past life living “5000 human years atop Wudan mountain.”

Despite appealing for release four times, Tate is still being held by the Romanian government. It remains to be seen how this latest development will impact his detainment or his influence on social media.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested on charges of assault and human trafficking in Bucharest, Romania, on December 29.

According to Romanian news site  Gandul, Andrew Tate has become frustrated with his appearance. After two months in jail, the millionaire was seen with longer hair, but it is thinning, revealing bald patches.

Allegedly, Tate complained that he could not shave his head as disposable razors are not allowed in prison and demanded that a hairstylist be brought in, but his request was rejected.

Andrew and Tristan also asked prison officials to buy them a PlayStation so they could play games in their cell, which was also denied. When Andrew demanded to know where the console was, officials reportedly told him that in custody, “prisoners don’t play, they pray.”