Andrew Tate begins training for potential boxing match with YouTube star KSI

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate started training again for a potential boxing match with KSI following the UK social media star’s big success.

JJ Olatunji, widely known as KSI, recently had a ring return and earned huge success. The 29-year-old attracted many eyes when he announced that he will box 2 opponents on the same night. KSI faced rapper Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Pineda on Saturday night.

KSI opened the show by viciously knocking out Swarmz in the second round. It’s exactly as everyone expected knowing Swarmz almost got no background in boxing, while KSI had several amateur bouts and one professional match against Logan Paul in 2019.

In his second match, KSI faced Mexican professional boxer Luis Pineda. Pineda was knocked down seven times before finally getting knocked out in the third round, marking his sixth professional defeat.

Following the big event, KSI now has a 3-0 record as a professional boxer. He called out several famous to step into the squared circle with him.

Andrew Tate signaled that he accepted the challenge by saying he would “break every bone” in KSI’s body. Tate has a lot of experience in martial arts as he was a kickboxer who won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England.

He also became a businessman and owns several sketchy business ventures in his adopted home country of Romania. He also has Youtube channels called Tate Speech and TATE CONFIDENTIAL. With all that, Andrew Tate is now a top-tier social media influencer in 2022.

KSI is planning to have another big event coming in January and Tate has started training again in Bosnia. Tate’s spokesperson said that if the pair will ever meet they would break boxing records.

“There is nothing finalized at the moment; however, Andrew and the team are very aware that a fight has the potential to break viewing records. The reaction live in the stadium and the support across social media for Andrew has proven it would be an event to remember.” Tate’s spokesperson said.

As per N1Info, His host in the Bosnia capital would be Irfan Tepic, one of the best male barbers in the country.

“Since July, we have been in constant contact and during a haircut, he said that he had heard a lot of good things about Bosnia and Sarajevo from his friends and that he wanted to come to the capital. He repeated on several occasions that he wants to come to Sarajevo and that he will certainly be my guest until the end of the year,” says Tepic.