Andrew Tate: Average man would beat world champion female martial artist

Former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate made yet another controversial statement. The viral sensation underestimated female combat sports athletes and said any average man can beat them.

Andrew Tate was a kickboxer who won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England. Nowadays, the British-American gained fame by creating a mess on social media over his statements regarding gender, women, business, and class. He uses his controversial takes and toxic masculinity to gain clout and followers.

He also became a businessman and owns several Casinos in his adopted country – Romania. He also has Youtube channels called Tate Speech and TATE CONFIDENTIAL And if that isn’t toxic enough for you, Tate was recently raided by Romanian police under suspicion of human trafficking. Tate previously ran a webcam business featuring some of his former paramours.

With all that, Andrew Tate is now a top-tier social media influencer in 2022.

Recently, Andrew Tate made another controversial take on his podcast. The 35-year-old touched on mixed martial arts and talked about female athletes. Tate said that

“You took a girl, who is one of the best fighters in the world. If she met a man who is smaller than her and he didn’t expect her to have some hands, maybe she could catch him once or twice. But, most females are physically smaller than men. If a 250 pound or 300 pound man even against the best female fighters in the world who is around 130 or 140 pounds.” Tate said.

He continued to explain that it would be even more impossible for women in a street fight.

“There are weight classes for a reason. You think this is going to be a fair fight like in the UFC? You think he is not going to grip her up, grab her by her f*cking jacket, lift her up and slam her on the concrete? It’s different. Violence is different than fighting, and the idea that you are going to be able to do this, do that, or just kick him in the b*lls… none of that is real. None of that is real on any level.” Tate said.

“Now you are talking about a UFC fighting girl. Maybe if you’re one of the most highly trained UFC fighting females… Maybe four names you can name on the planet, maybe there are some men your own size you might be able to hit.” Tate said.

Andrew Tate ended up talking about size, which is a well-known fact that it matters so much to physical powers.

And while female mixed martial artists likely shouldn’t be matched against any males many UFC insiders once claimed Ronda Rousey could take on everyone from Floyd Mayweather to TJ Dillashaw.