Amateur MMA fight ends with eye-gouging and hair pulling

Hair-pulling was declared illegal back at UFC 15: Collision Course back in 1997. While eye-gouging is banned since the first UFC event in 1994.

However, this amateur MMA fighter apparently forgot to read the memo.

Cassidy Bedard was making her amateur MMA debut against fellow debutant Michelle MacDavid at New England Fights 47 in Auburn, Maine. The fight was agreed to be at the catchweight limit of 140 lbs.

The card itself was stacked –  a mix of 17 amateur and pro fights. Besides the full audience attending the card at Norway Savings Bank Arena, many also watch via Combat Sports Now broadcast.

In the fourth bout of the night, CM BJJ’s Bedard was facing Defensive Edge MMA’s own MacDavid.

Throughout the first round of their scheduled three, Bedard can be seen pushing the action and forcing MacDavid to fight off her backpedal.

In the second round, Bedard still pursuing her opponent even though her nose starts to get bloody. While MacDavid, apparently desperate to stop Bedard, then pulls her hair and starts throwing knees at her opponent.

The referee immediately halts the contest and takes one point off MacDavid due to the intentional hair-pulling.

Despite the foul committed by MacDavid, Bedard still pushes the action like a predator stalking its prey.

The situation still continues in the third round. Both commentators also start to be concerned for MacDavid and say that she needs a finish to win the fight.

MacDavid probably heard that one and she start to step up her game as she catch one of her opponent’s kicks and throw her to the ground. She also landed several ground and pounds to secure a victory.

However, Bedard, who came from a BJJ background, successfully attempt a triangle on MacDavid. And when the audience is getting fired up with the soon-to-be submission, the referee halted the bout again.

It is apparently that MacDavid gouged Bedard’s eyes when trying to escape the triangle choke. And to retaliate, Bedard bites MacDavid’s fingers while choking her, according to MacDavid.

It turns out on the replay that Bedard’s bite was unintentional when she’s complaining about the eye pokes. In spite of that, Bedard has announced as the winner via disqualification.

With the decision, Bedard now has her first win in MMA, although it is surely not the kind of start she expected in her MMA career. But a win is still a win, right?