Amanda Ribas delivers spinning face kick for a comeback win at UFC Vegas 82

A thrilling encounter unfolded at UFC Vegas 82, featuring the showdown between Brazilian strawweights Amanda Ribas and Luana Pinheiro. The match took place at the UFC Apex on Saturday night, witnessing Ribas claim victory over Pinheiro via TKO (punches) in the third round at 3:53.

Previously holding a commendable 4-0 UFC record, Ribas experienced a fluctuating pattern of wins and losses in recent match. Her current record stands at 6-3. This necessitates a winning streak for Ribas if she wants to position herself favorably for a title shot. Her return to strawweight following a loss to Maycee Barber showcased her determination to pave her way back to success.

On the other hand, Luana Pinheiro entered the bout undefeated and ranked ninth in the division. Pinheiro hadn’t faced defeat since 2017, boasting significant momentum and an undefeated streak until her encounter with Ribas.

The match commenced with both competitors engaging aggressively, particularly Pinheiro. She initiated powerful strikes early on, causing damage to Ribas. Despite Ribas regrouping after the initial onslaught, Pinheiro’s strategic combinations and adept footwork kept Ribas at bay for the most part.

The action slowed, as Pinheiro was very selective about where she inserted leg kicks and avoided Ribas’s little offensive output. Pinheiro was temporarily surprised by three well-placed punches from Ribas just over the midway point of the round, but shequickly recovered and resumed her strategy.

Most of the time, Ribas could scarcely land a glove on her due to her precise footwork and head movement. With a minute remaining, Ribas attempted a takedown.

In the subsequent round, Ribas altered her tactics. She incorporated kicks into her offensive to cause notable damage to Pinheiro. Although Pinheiro attempted a takedown, Ribas effectively countered. The round concluded in the favour of Ribas.

The final round commenced with Pinheiro striving to regain momentum, delivering punches and kicks. However, Ribas’ consistent pace and striking volume kept Pinheiro defensively occupied.

Pinheiro missed another attempt at a takedown. Ribas stood back up and started to lock in an omoplata submission, forcing Pinheiro to back down. She then ended up maintaining a relentless striking barrage.

As the match progressed, Ribas capitalized on Pinheiro’s evident fatigue. She intensifie her striking onslaught. Pinheiro’s diminished defense rendered her vulnerable, succumbing to Ribas’ relentless attacks.

She ultimately collapsed and fe;; under the pressure. Referee intervention halted the bout after a series of ground strikes, declaring Ribas the victor via TKO in the third round at 3:53.

Amanda Ribas exemplified her seasoned spirit and resilience at UFC Vegas 82, showcasing her ability to evolve in the middle of the match. Despite facing adversity in the early stages, Ribas persevered and ended up overpowering her opponent. Her impressive performance sets the stage for her ascent through the rankings in the strawweight division.

Official Result: Amanda Ribas secures victory over Luana Pinheiro via TKO (punches) in Round 3 at 3:53.