Alibi Idiris Stuns Crowd with Spinning Wheel Kick KO at Naiza FC 56

In a breathtaking display of skill and precision, undefeated flyweight Alibi Idiris left the audience in awe with a spectacular spinning wheel kick knockout during his recent bout at Naiza FC 56. The event, held on December 21 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, featured a range of matchups, but none could overshadow the electrifying performance delivered by Idiris.

Facing off against Erisson Ferreira on the main card, Idiris engaged in a relentless war from the opening bell. Both fighters showcased their expertise and determination, trading blows with intensity. Despite a back-and-forth battle, Idiris seized control in the first round after a series of punches cornered Ferreira.

Ferreira, displaying resilience, countered with powerful punches and nearly took Idiris down. Undeterred, Idiris adjusted his strategy and, spotting an opening, unleashed a powerful flying knee that connected with Ferreira. Despite Ferreira’s tenacity, Idiris wasn’t finished.

Seizing the opportunity, Idiris executed a brutal spinning wheel kick, landing with pinpoint accuracy on Ferreira’s head. The impact dropped Ferreira, setting the stage for Idiris to deliver a relentless ground-and-pound assault. With Ferreira unable to defend himself, the referee intervened, declaring Idiris the victor via knockout in the first round.

This impressive victory maintains Alibi Idiris’ undefeated streak, boasting a remarkable record of 9 victories since his professional debut in 2019. Conversely, Erisson Ferreira, now on a back-to-back loss, holds a total record of 13 wins and 6 losses.

Idiris’ performance at Naiza FC 56 cements his status as a rising star in the flyweight division, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future matchups and undoubtedly contributing to the promotion’s reputation for delivering thrilling and unforgettable moments in MMA.