Adrian Yanez reveals mid-fight trash talk with ‘racist’ Tony Kelley during UFC Austin

Adrian Yanez’s fight against Tony Kelley last weekend was truly a satisfying win both for him and the fans. Kelley has become a subject of slander following his xenophobic remarks while cornering Andrea Lee last month.

Kelley’s xenophobic comment was uttered in between rounds while cornering Andrea Lee against Brazil’s Viviane Araujo.

“That’s what they’re gonna do, they’re dirty f**king Brazilians. They’re gonna f**king cheat like that. Guess what? We came to f**k somebody up.”

The fans’ resentment toward Kelley is increasing after he refused to apologize for the below the belt line. He instead insisted on denying any racist connotations and claimed he was a victim of cancel culture.

Kelley’s antics also don’t sit well with his opponent, Adrian Yanez. Yanez also promised to finish Kelley satisfyingly ahead of their showdown.

The tension between the two then reached its boiling point on the fight night. But Yanez successfully delivered his promise with a TKO over Kelley three minutes into the first round.

After the fight, Yanez revealed that Kelley’s loud mouth doesn’t stop even inside the octagon. Those antics make him more motivated to shut his opponent up.

“He talked s*it, and I felt like I kept everything pretty cordial and the next thing you know, he starts calling me a Wish version of Masvidal. And now, he kind of wishes he didn’t say that,” Yanez told reporters.”

“In my head, I was like, ‘just keep talking. I’m finding my openings.’ Every time he opened his mouth, I saw another opening. And that’s whenever I started rocking him.”

“I don’t know if you all noticed, but he started talking to me, I found the opening, I rocked him. He kept opening up his mouth, and I kept shutting it for him. That was the perfect way to explain it.”

He also talked about his promise, in which he admits that this win is the most satisfying win in his career so far.

“Absolutely. There was just an extra added thing to it whenever I was fighting him. Because in the middle (of the fight), when he started talking a little bit more s*it, I was like, ‘Oh, I really don’t like you.’”

With the devastating win over Kelley, Yanez earned an extra $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus. In addition to the bonus, he also breached into the top 15 of UFC’s bantamweight ranking.