Adin Ross explains boxing event shut down after boxer suffered brain damage

Popular streamer Adin Ross faced a major setback when his ‘Brand Risk’ boxing event got axed by The Florida Boxing Commission. But rather than dwelling on the setback, Ross swiftly devised a strategic plan to keep his audience engaged.

Adin Ross has been conducting boxing contests on his Kick channel. However, the events of March 23 produced significant issues for the streamer. This was to the point that the state of Florida prohibited his matches.

The 23-year-old claims that a boxer was seriously hurt at his most recent event. As a consequence, he is no longer permitted to hold boxing contests in Florida.

Ross explained: “One of those fat f**ks got like, brain damage and complained. Maybe not complained, but like, the commission, they basically got mad. We cannot do boxing [anymore].”

Undeterred by the setback, Ross presented a viable alternative to his loyal viewers. The streamer is allowing his audience to choose how his events will change from one combat sport to another. It seems like he has a backup plan in place.

Ross stated: “We can either do MMA or we can do kickboxing. I think we should do kickboxing, because MMA is going to be a little bit harder to train and it’s gonna take more time. And I have to literally build an octagon.”

He also proposed transitioning from boxing to kickboxing or even Mixed Martial Arts. Ross leaned towards kickboxing due to its easier training regimen compared to MMA.

Ross believes that kickboxing maintains the essence of his previous events while offering a smoother transition. With kickboxing, combatants can utilize a broader range of techniques including kicks and knees. This helps in keeping the excitement levels high.

In his forward-thinking approach, Ross plans to host a series of kickboxing events before moving into the world of MMA. He also envisions the possibility of hosting both kickboxing and MMA events, potentially doubling his monthly engagements.

Ross also aims to establish collaborations in the future, hinting at a desire to work alongside UFC CEO Dana White.  He also showcased his determination to elevate his events to a global stage.