Adesanya debunks hilarious injury rumor Paulo Costa started

Paulo Costa is one of the most entertaining stars in the UFC, not just inside the octagon but also outside of it.

He is famous for his online antics, and his trolling game is unparalleled.

MMA fans will never forget the infamous ‘secret juice’ incident where Paulo Costa accused Yoel Romero of using PEDs. Although Romero was later cleared of any wrongdoing, the accusation caused quite a stir in the MMA community. It also cemented Costa’s reputation as a master troll.

Costa vs. Adesanya: A Rivalry for the Ages

Costa’s most high-profile feud, however, is with Israel Adesanya. The two middleweights faced off at UFC 253, and it was one of the most highly anticipated title bouts in recent times. In the lead-up to the bout, things got personal between the two.

During a press conference, Costa pulled out a white belt and threw it at Adesanya, mocking the champion’s grappling skills. Adesanya retaliated by throwing the belt back, and things got heated. Although the incident was quickly broken up, it set the tone for a highly charged bout.

Adesanya emerged victorious, and it seemed like the rivalry had come to an end. He even did a little bit of a gyration to celebrate his finish on a gassed out Costa.

However, Costa was not one to let things go so easily.

Recently, Costa took to Twitter to post an image claiming that Adesanya was out of UFC 287 due to a sudden unexpected injury. Although the post confused many fans, those who looked closely realized that it was just another one of Costa’s jokes.

While some might find Costa’s trolling irritating, there’s no denying that he brings a unique flavor to the UFC. His antics are always entertaining, and he knows how to generate buzz and attention. And in a sport that’s always looking for new ways to attract viewers, that’s a valuable skill.

Adesanya wasn’t too mad at it and instead responded saying:

Adesanya is staring ahead at one of the biggest challenges of his MMA career. Adesanya will be taking on Alex Pereira for the 2nd time in MMA and 4th time overall having lost every single one of previous outings. He’s been rumored to be accenting grappling in his recent prep but that remains to be seen.

UFC 287 airs April 9th.