Adesanya addresses gay rumors: We still have a feminine side and a masculine side

Israel Adesanya has recently addressed rumors and speculation surrounding his sexuality. Adesanya’s unique style and personal choices have sparked curiosity among fans, leading to unfounded assumptions.

In a candid interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Adesanya shed light on his identity and shared details about his upcoming documentary, Stylebender.

Despite the rumors and speculations, Israel Adesanya confidently asserted his comfort with being himself. Adesanya acknowledged that his choices, such as sporting painted nails, have led some to question his sexuality.

However, he emphasized that embracing both the masculine and feminine aspects of his personality is a part of being human. Adesanya’s self-assuredness serves as a reminder that one’s personal expression should not be subject to baseless assumptions or judgments.

During the podcast, Adesanya also shared insights into his relationship with his manager, Ash Belcastro. Recounting a time when he faced financial struggles, Adesanya jokingly referred to Ash Belcastro as his “boyfriend” or “sugar daddy.” While his lighthearted remarks may have raised eyebrows, they were intended as a humorous reflection of the close bond between the star and his manager.

“We still have a feminine side and a masculine side. I’m in touch with both. You know, this is why online people think I’m gay or they literally think I’m gay. It’s the whole thing. That’s my boyfriend, apparently. Ash. My manager, I guess. They see me in the cage with him all the time. “They always hugging and s***.””


Speculations about Adesanya’s romantic life have centered around his alleged relationship with Australian model Shana Evans, who bears a resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Observant fans have noted that Adesanya and Evans frequently appear together in each other’s Instagram photos, fueling rumors of a romantic connection. However, neither Adesanya nor Evans has publicly confirmed or denied the nature of their relationship.


Adesanya also discussed his highly anticipated documentary, Stylebender, set to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 11. The film delves into Adesanya’s life, from his childhood to his professional career, with a particular focus on the exploration of masculinity.

Adesanya expressed his desire for men, in particular, to watch the documentary as it provides a unique perspective on the concept of masculinity. The film prominently features Adesanya and his coach, Eugene Bareman, offering audiences an intimate glimpse into his personal and professional journey.