Actor Javon Walton, 17, draws in professional boxing debut after quitting HBO hit series

Javon Walton is a 17-year-old sensation who has transitioned from the glitz of Hollywood to the boxing ring. He made his professional debut in the super featherweight category against Joshua Torres. However, the outcome of this bout left fans and critics divided.

Walton gained fame for his role as Ashtray in the HBO series ‘Euphoria’. Despite his success in acting, Walton had a passion for boxing from a young age.

Recently, he took a leap into the professional boxing world. He participated in the undercard of a Most Valuable Promotions event in Puerto Rico.

The super featherweight clash ended in a majority decision draw, as two judges scored it 38-38, while the third judge gave Walton a 39-37 advantage. The reaction on social media was swift and critical, with many expressing disappointment in Walton’s performance.

On platforms like Twitter, boxing enthusiasts shared their thoughts on the match. Some of the comments were as follows:

“He looked very raw, not convincing I must say, will be interesting to see how he develops.”

“Stick to acting brother.”

“Easily the worst professional fight ive ever seen.”

“i WANNA put listerine in my eyes after watching that”

“He’s 17 still learning but definitely need more aggression and overall more punches.”

“Horrible performance from him. Hes only 17 so he’ll get better but he had no business being on this stage right now.”

In an interview with DailyMail, Walton discussed his career in acting and boxing. Walton said that he wouldn’t return to play Ashtray, even if a third season of ‘Euphoria’ were produced.

He said: “I filmed season two of Euphoria when I was 14, turning 15, and as far as that… in the acting world, I’ve been able to kind of work on my skill set for a very long time and hone in on that.”

“So when I’m on set, I’m kind of just dialed in and I’m not really thinking about all the extra stuff. I just stay super dialed in on set. I work on my character, and I don’t really think of it as anything else but shooting a series.”

Last July, Walton signed with Most Valuable Promotions. The boxing promotion company was founded by Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian. The MVP event ended with Jake Paul’s first-round knockout victory against Ryan Bourland.