3 Worst Strikes Ever Thrown In the UFC

UFC is known as the premier promotion for Mixed Martial arts but from time to time we can really tell how young the promotion really is. MMA Analyst Jack Slack often criticizes women’s divisions for the atrocious striking they sometimes exhibit.

But the women are not alone in this field – and the following 3 examples really prove it.

The last on our list belongs to fan favorite veteran Diego Sanchez. During his last bout in the UFC against 25 year old Jake Matthews, Sanchez threw a hail marry flying knee at the very beginning of the fight.

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From there forward it was pretty clear cut – Matthews won by decision in the end.

Number 2 on our list belongs to yet another legend – Nick Diaz. In his rematch with Robbie Lawler things got started after visibly out of shape Diaz attempted to throw a spinning kick.

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This attempt was rather laughable sadly and the two kept on fighting. In the end Robbie Lawler won via Nick Diaz basically choosing not to continue the fight after he was wobbled by Lawler. Many remember the fight from the touching exchange in the post fight window where Lawler asked Diaz if he was doing ok in life.

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The first place on this list belongs to everyone’s favorite striker – former Bellator & ONE FC champion Ben Askren. Funky was never known for his striking and from this point on it would become glaringly obvious.

As one internet commenter put it: “Askren’s backfist of doom would clearly put anybody’s lights out, and Diego’s walmart version of Jorge’s knee will go down in history”