27-year-old MMA star Marcus Sims has reportedly passed away

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the mixed martial arts world recently mourned the loss of a talented athlete Marcus Sims.

The 27-year-old competitor competed in the lightweight division. He tragically passed away after a series of three consecutive losses. His professional record stands at 1-4.

Confirmation of the news came from Natan Levy, a prominent UFC lightweight contender. Levy himself had faced Sims in the octagon during his MMA debut at LFA 36 in March 2018. This is where the two clashed in an intense featherweight contest.

In an emotional and heartfelt tribute on Instagram, Levy expressed his sorrow over the loss of his friend, Marcus Sims. Alongside a cherished photograph of the two in the gym, Levy’s caption read:

“Gone way too soon. Marcus Sims, It was an honor to share the cage with you and become your friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help. My condolences to the family and friends. RIP brother.”

Natan Levy also highlighted the significance of addressing mental health issues openly. He urged everyone to seek help and support when dealing with emotional distress, emphasising the importance of thoughtful decisions during challenging times.

He continued: “Everyone reading! If you are in pain, please talk to a loved one, call a hotline, or reach out to me before doing something irreversible, trust me, it is not the right decision.”

While the precise cause of Marcus Sims’ passing remains undisclosed, Natan Levy’s words allude to the possibility that Sims took his own life.

Marcus Sims competed in his last bout against Tyshawn Williams at Shogun Fights 24 in March 2022. Unfortunately, he faced defeat in the first round via submission. Sims had a remarkable amateur career with an impressive record of 4-1.

The MMA community reflects on the loss of Marcus Sims, a competitor who will be remembered for his talent, dedication, and passion for the sport. While the pain of his departure lingers, his legacy will undoubtedly serve as a reminder to prioritize mental health and offer support to those in need.