21 year old suffers cardiac arrest during jiu-jitsu training session

A training session turned into tragedy as a young man lost his life after suffering a blow. Gil Anderson de Paiva Silva, 21, passed away from cardiorespiratory arrest after being hit. He was training in BJJ at the Ilma Suzete Gama Youth Center in Cruz das Armas, Brazil.

TV Cabo Branco says that Gil Anderson felt sick and was taken to a medical facility with the help of his partner and emergency services. The staff at the Emergency Care Unit recalled the athlete being brought to them in an “extremely serious condition”.

They tried all the resuscitation attempts that they could, including intubation.

This is due to the swelling that he had.

“He suffered a broncho-aspiration due to the impact of the blow, with a swelling in the neck.” reported the Emergency Care Unit of the region.

What’s notable is that the instructor wasn’t present during their sparring session. They were practicing before the coach had shown up. The handler of the case, Paulo Josafa, said the following:

“The fact is that, for the class to start, the teacher had to be present, and they started without the teacher arriving.”

The youngster was a corporal in the Brazilian Armed forces. His family says that he had been training at the center for about 4 months now. They say that whatever happened was accidental, as he didn’t have any bad blood with anyone.

Josafa said the following regarding the background of the incident:

“In the initial investigative procedures, talking to people at the training site and with the medical team, it is an accidental fact, but we will continue to hear from other people, including the student who trained with him, to conclude the preliminary investigation”

The institute hasn’t commented on the incident. The info received from officials indicates that the instructor has been working at the center for a decade now. Maybe his presence could’ve prevented the incident from happening altogether.