17 year old cheerleader was attacked by 25 year old trans cheerleader and allegedly choked over transphobic comments

The issue of trans athletes in female sports is an important one even though it affects a fraction of the World’s population.

Recently a trans cheerleader got kicked out of a Texas cheerleading camp for allegedly turning violent toward a female teammate.


The person in question explained online:

 “Well guys I’m officially retired as a cheerleader as of last night at 5:30 AM. A girl on the team was being very disrespectful and told me I am a MAN with a PENIS and that [guys] should not be on the team,” the cheerleader, Averie Chanel Medlock, wrote on Facebook last week.

“I stood up for myself and she called her mom and dad because she was scared because I [stood] up for myself. Her father said ‘she still has testosterone and a penis and I will kill anyone who comes after my daughter.’”

The incident took place at Ranger College, where Medlock alleges that a teammate made transphobic and racist remarks before the altercation.

The father of the girl that was choked expressed his protestations on facebook.

“I ask you what you would have done when receiving a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning from your daughter stating they had locked themselves in the room with other girls,” the father, Mike Jones, wrote on Facebook.

“At no time did I ever say anything about your race or your gender.”

Medlock claims the physical confrontation with the other cheerleader was actually a joke, but police on the scene gave the former cheerleader a criminal citation for assault and removed Medlock from campus.

This incident is especially interesting in light of a recent Fallon Fox incident. Fox was declared unwelcome on BBC after her posts boasting of violence over transphobes were unearthed.

allon Fox is the first openly transgender fighter in MMA. BBC’s Justin Webb asked her to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Today show to address the story.

Due to the harsh remarks made by Fox regarding prior opponents in 2020, Webb’s choice to talk with Fox was swiftly received with reaction and condemnation from listeners.

“For the record, I knocked two out. One woman’s skull was fractured, the other not. And just so you know, I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TEFS in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It’s bliss! Don’t be mad”

After Webb’s Fox appearance, Twitter users shared images of the deleted message with him.

Webb acknowledged that he had no prior knowledge of Fox’s earlier remarks when he invited the boxer to appear on his program. Webb emphasized the importance of treating the topic of transgender athletes equitably in his reaction to one tweet telling him of the circumstance.

“I think you’re right Nikki. I had no idea (and frankly I am one of the better informed on this subject) and the producers didn’t either. We need to tackle these issues fairly but not from the ‘everyone calm down’ perspective that fails to note who is violent and who is not.”

Fox told The Los Angeles Blade:

“It’s part of MMA culture to talk smack about opponents. You see it all the time. Only when I do it people take issue with it.”

Fox spoke to the Los Angeles Blade privately on Facebook Messenger on Saturday. She stated:

“They frame it as I’m a ‘transgender athlete who boasted of violence against women’ as if I was talking about fighting all women in the MMA cage.”

“I specifically mentioned TERFs. And I had good reason to call them that and feel that way about it. Especially since our jobs were to actually try to beat each other up.”

“I stand by what I said. Lol As a trans woman, I have no tolerance for the TERFs that are transphobic and fight in the cage. This is incorrect since I’m talking about “hitting women,” according to Justin Webb of the BBC and the Daily Mail, respectively. In the MMA cage, what do they imagine women do to one other?”